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How to Avoid Turning Your Startup into a Dysfunctional Family

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist from Wall Street Journal. We had a great conversation about the current labor market, hiring challenges, and how to build the right company culture. He ended up taking the article in another direction, but now I’m happy to be able to finally share what… Continue Reading

3 Problems With the Way Startups Manage Talent

I am sure you folks have realized that I’ve been “off air” for awhile. The combination of helping out Daily Grommet and joining Pixability has shriveled my capacity for writing to zero. But, I am getting back on the horse and definitely have a lot of material from the “startup trenches” to share. So that… Continue Reading

Putting Together a Strong Technical Team

Introduction by Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius: this guest post by Paul Morgan might have the language directed at mid to larger size companies, but the vast majority of principles mentioned are highly applicable to the world of technology startups. Yes, according to my personal experience and widely available statistics, most of you will not make it… Continue Reading

What To Look For In a Chief Right Hand Person (COO, VP of Operations)

Last week a founder of a software development company asked what to look for in a COO on Since this is a fairly common question to me, I decided to expand upon the answer I posted and further describe what attributes a great business operations leader/professional should possess. Bit of background: I have been… Continue Reading

Perfecting Your Way to Irrelevance – Six Sigma in the Startup

In the late 90’s, the Six Sigma quality improvement process swept through the corporate world, led by early and vocal adapters such as Motorola and GE.  For those who are not familiar with Six Sigma, it is a process for making significant quality improvements through a rigorous five-step data- and statistical-based approach (Define, Measure, Analyze,… Continue Reading

5 Rules for Avoiding the Need to Cut Costs

“Cutting costs” has been the buzz phrase for the last decade or so. In some cases, companies got drunk on cheap money and plentiful investors, and in others the unchecked management flaws of greed and vanity led to company bloat. Whatever the root cause, we seem to be only treating the symptoms of the problem.… Continue Reading

How a Foosball Table Can Kill Your Startup – part 2

Since an article I wrote in June of 2009 called “How a foosball table can kill your startup” is still sparking attention and conversation, I think the time is ripe for me to expand on the topic. Yes, I still believe that tchotchke “benefits” do nothing but waste money.  Instead, use your resources to attract… Continue Reading

We don’t need marketing – we need customer anthropology

I wasn’t able to make it to LaunchCamp Boston today, but was still able to virtually participate via the live video and Twitter streams. During a discussion on Twitter with two great marketing folks, Bobbie Carlton and Rachel Levy, I made several remarks: Seasoned marketing pros should realize that “marketing” is becoming a dirty word… Continue Reading

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