Career Mission and Value

About a year ago I was readin Jeremiah Owyang’s excellent article  “What’s Your Career Mission?” . It inspired me to write down my Career Mission and the Value I bring to the table.

My career mission is to use my business operations, talent management, and technology background to build and maintain the backbones of sustainable growth companies.

So what puzzle pieces comprise my Career Mission and Value?

1. It all starts with people.  Build the right environment, bring in high-potential talent, and retain your team by ensuring they are treated fairly and helping them grow.

2. Without customers we are nothing.  Act as a conduit between all levels of the company so everyone hears and sees the customers and never loses sight of the hand that feeds us.

3. Sharpen focus by clearing the path.  Help those with the vision and the big picture of the company to “keep the eyes on the prize” by minimizing distractions of operating a company day-to-day.

4. Keep entrepreneurs out of jail or an early grave.  Successful entrepreneurs depend on eliminating risks one by one and moving forward  (just ask Jeff Bezos – founder of My mission is to foresee those risks, warn the company about them well in advance, mitigate them, and neutralize the ones we miss as soon as possible.
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