Evolve your irrelevant corporate website!

While on my vacation in La Jolla, I was able to catch up to some great blog posts I bookmarked in the last month. I follow Jeremiah Owyang via Twitter and I read almost all of his blog posts. One that just caught my eye was How To Evolve Your Irrelevant Corporate Website.

The thought that struck me was that for the longest time so many organizations have been spending outrageous amounts of money, without first having an outside-in view of what (prospective) customer is looking for and how the site would address those needs. So many sites are just ego-centric brochure-ware. How about the customer?

I still hear so many new entrepreneurs focusing on web-presence and other distractions. Rarely the focus is the customer and many times it is the personal ego. Maybe it is time for so many to sit down with their public face building team and get on the same page to understand what customer wants.

I would highly suggest new and experienced entrepreneurs to check out some of the recommended reading materials on the web strategy.

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