How I Became a Business Hacker

Last week, I had dinner with my friend who has a talent for branding and summarizing complex ideas into very simple terms. I was talking with him about my ongoing problem having difficulty explaining my multifaceted experience and work I do in terms people not familiar with my craft can understand. People who know me call me “the operations guy”, but this term does not mean much to the general public. This is a marketing problem so I turned to my friend to help me solve it.

In a stroke of his usual genius he exclaimed: “Apollo, you are a business hacker! You are the unholy union of a chief of staff and Mr. Wolf.” Since I am not a big of a fan of politics, I would replace chief of staff with Roy Disney, who turned Walt’s vision into a well-executed reality. And Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction definitely resonates with me, since I often have to help resolve and clean up some inevitably bad mistakes.

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