How To Use Video To Attract New Talent To Your Company

I’ve been working in startups and very rapidly growing companies my entire career and the most successful companies I’ve seen were the ones that were always recruiting. Here are several ways to spread the word about your company and help candidates get a taste of what your team is all about:

  • If you open or any other employer review site, you will notice a common theme in the positive reviews – people like to have fun with their co-workers outside of the office. What would I suggest? If your budget is tight, get a Flip cam (the latest generation Android, Blackberry, or iPhone would also work well) and start documenting the fun.  Then edit it yourself, or if you want a professional touch, the company I head operations for (Pixability) can take care of that detail for you.
  • People love to work for a great manager. Grab a Flip or smartphone and have your inspiring managers talk about their leadership style, what they love about their team, and why someone should consider working for them. Yes, I will spare you any additional shameless self-promotion.
  • Every company has some really cool employees with very interesting backgrounds, stories about how they joined the company, etc. A well-told story can move a great candidate to pick up the phone and reach out. Companies like Communispace, Zappos, etc. do this regularly and well.
  • Never stop at just producing one or two videos for recruiting. Try to continuously add content, keep things fresh, and look for new ways to peak the interest of the great talent available out there.

At Pixability, we have done this with our “swivel chair” video. It was really fun to make – from my CEO getting several sweaty out-of-shape half-naked guys in her shot to myself getting kicked out of Harvard Yard for shooting a video (apparently they don’t like that). See the result below.

In conclusion, the use of great videos on your company recruiting section is not the only tool to help your team find more exceptional members, but it is a very effective one that is much cheaper than blowing tens of thousands on third party recruiters (which is what even lean startups mistakenly do sometimes).

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