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Time to make HR accountable! The rise of Human Capital professionals.

HR, as a profession, is on its way out. Those who claim to be “good old school HR professionals,” should start looking for a new career or drastically change their thinking. In contrast, Human Capital professionals who “get it” are on the rise. Companies are no longer willing to pay for simple paper pushers or… Continue Reading

Want Your Company To Survive? Just Say NO To Hiring One Trick Ponies!

In the last 12 years, I watched the market change as often as a teenager’s mood-swings. What was hot yesterday is old news today. From technologies to methodologies, change is constant and accelerating with every passing day.  No one is immune, be it startups or the big boys. The survival of organizations depends on flexibility,… Continue Reading

Doing collections the startup way!

During my career I have become very successful at keeping the number of uncollected accounts to a minimum (in one company we had only one invoice we had to write off). Collections definitely rates in the  top 3 of  the most undesirable duties, but there are ways to minimize the pain. The best way to… Continue Reading

Why do so many CEOs have no idea what operations people do?

So, you are a newly-minted CEO of a company. You got your investors to bet on you and now everyone wants to see how that roll of the dice will play out. You know what a COO (Director of Operations or Ops person) is, but if I asked you what exactly his/her “magic” is, I… Continue Reading

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