Ideas for startups to implement in order to avoid laying off (good) people

Have you ever wondered why so many great entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs tend to sport more gray hair than usual, even in their early 30s?  It is because the best ones get it! One of the main things that keep us awake late at night is the worry that our talent may bail on us or… Continue Reading

Keeping entrepreneurs and CEOs out of jail and an early grave

I am often asked what I do for a living and since I am not a PR or marketing professional, describing what I do to an “outsider” is challenging at times. I can hide all I want behind my resume and a great group of people I have worked with, but in order to further… Continue Reading

Doing collections the startup way!

During my career I have become very successful at keeping the number of uncollected accounts to a minimum (in one company we had only one invoice we had to write off). Collections definitely rates in the  top 3 of  the most undesirable duties, but there are ways to minimize the pain. The best way to… Continue Reading

Place of philanthropy in startup DNA

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic these days at large companies. There is a growing contingent of investors who are no longer just after returns, they also want to be associated with companies that do “good”. I want to focus on what can be done at the startup level, when you are just building… Continue Reading

Not providing employees with healthcare insurance is absolutely reckless!

Let me start with a very strong statement. Not providing employees with healthcare insurance is absolutely reckless! It is complete nonsense to say that there are no affordable options. Actions speak louder than words.  If a company is not providing health benefits to their employees, they don’t care enough about their people and they deserve… Continue Reading

Why do so many CEOs have no idea what operations people do?

So, you are a newly-minted CEO of a company. You got your investors to bet on you and now everyone wants to see how that roll of the dice will play out. You know what a COO (Director of Operations or Ops person) is, but if I asked you what exactly his/her “magic” is, I… Continue Reading

Just say “NO” to ghost blogging!

I remember when I left my parents’ nest in ’95 and went to college. E-mail was a new concept for my late father, but he wanted to stay in touch… so he had his admin type up his e-mails to me, as he dictated them. Guess what, I knew he was not writing those emails… Continue Reading

Keeping customers and finding new ones in a bad economy

I have attended a garden variety of sales training seminars and classes throughout my career. Almost all of the techniques taught these days focus on “taking control” of your client, putting them in a place where they have no choice but to buy from you, etc, etc, etc. No wonder companies are losing their current… Continue Reading

Who moved my cheese!

About a year ago, I had to seriously plan my move to Boston. From selling our digs in Chicago (in a dead market, mind you), to figuring out which company to join in Boston, it wasn’t easy. As I was sitting in the office of Joel B. (one of the founders of Geneca) having really… Continue Reading

Union mentality and lean startups can’t co-exist

With the Detroit big 3 going under (for a very good reason – lack of flexibility), much has been said about unions and their impact on industries. I don’t care to have a discussion on this blog about the benefits and disadvantages of the unions. They are irrelevant in most of the stratup world. But,… Continue Reading

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