Poor Managers Kill Companies – 5 Ways to Improve Your Management Style and Skills

I’ve spent the last several months preparing for the birth of my first child and thinking very hard about the value of my every waking minute. If I am going to spend time away from my child, my work better be making one hell of an impact. So, I have been digging deep and thinking… Continue Reading

If you aren’t scared, you’re either going too slow or you’re a reckless moron!

I have reached my point of saturation seeing all these quotes lately in the startup community about being faster and faster without fear and finally have to say something. Fear is good! Fear is an indicator you know the consequence of your actions, which is a sign of mental maturity. It is when we fail… Continue Reading

Leadership Lessons I Learned at My Father’s Funeral

As I am getting ready for my daughter to be born any day now, I have been thinking a lot about my late father and the impact he had on me. He was an incredible role model and shaped my views on being a father, leader, businessman, and an active community member. As I am… Continue Reading

What Your Team Needs to Sell Better – Sales Operations Tools

So, you got your compensation structure right and have hired a couple of good sales people (and maybe my July article even helped you do it). Congratulations! Now I truly hope you have organized a sales operations infrastructure and have metrics in place, so you can keep your sales people out of BS and help… Continue Reading

Being a CEO Is a Brutal and Lonely Job, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Who gets their head “chopped” if a company can’t get traction, hit their sales numbers, find enough financing, or retain their high-performers? Who has to be the chief recruiter, fundraiser, strategist, and often makes the most expensive mistakes? Who has to listen to endless opinions and filter out all that noise? The answer is simple –… Continue Reading

The Most Powerful Tool for Improving Morale in a Rapid Pace Environment

Let’s face it, when our companies are searching for the perfect product/market fit or working to scale a repeatable business model, we have plenty of fires to extinguish and opportunities to chase. Closing that next deal, managing another huge money-making project, and releasing the features our customers have been knocking on our doors about can… Continue Reading

Lessons from Sun Tzu’s Art of War for Business Leadership

One of my favorite books is Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I have read it several times and is one of my top 5 favorite books. Although the teachings are very old (6th century BC), there is much that can be applied to the modern day hyper-competitive business environment. Here are some of the lessons… Continue Reading

How To Hire Top Talent Without Paying Recruiters

As a Chief Business Hacker, one of the top things I love to do is recruit talent. The exhilaration I get from finding a team member who is going to help elevate everyone is like winning a race. Recruiting is hard; it is very hard. In my experience, recruiting the right team with culture and… Continue Reading

3 Startup Offers You Shouldn’t Accept – How Compensation Shortcuts Hurt You

I love these hot and tumultuous times for emerging companies. Contrary to what some politicians and the media would love to have you believe, with every iteration the whole ecosystem is getting stronger, better, and more agile. But as more companies start up (or expand), there is a desperate rush to snap up the talented… Continue Reading

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – How I Fell in Love with Technology

If you have been loyal reader of my blog, you know who I give credit to for my iron business ethics standards and love for growing businesses – my father, Apolinaras Sinkevicius II – diplomat, journalist, TV executive, and entrepreneur (yes, I am honored to be the 3rd). For those of you who may have… Continue Reading

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