If I Had To Pick Top Thing I Look For In People I Hire

ancient craftsmenI think a lot about hiring the right people. It is almost to the level of obsession for me to understand how each colleague I hired has become the craftsmen they are.

As technology, tools, and knowledge are becoming highly available, age isn’t much of a factor anymore. Some of us are lucky to have parents, who exposed us, to what we ended up falling in love with as our craft while others stumbled into theirs later in life. I am the one who stumbled into business operations in my early 20s, but I have colleagues who discovered themselves in their early teens.

When you meet someone, who to their essence, is in the right craft, conversations you get are very different. Where they learned, where they worked before are just not a factor.

If you built it, you would talk about it. It does not matter, if you are talking to a craftsman, who is introvert or extrovert, this person just talks about how they built something their passionate about. The level of detail they can get into, the thinking process, the joys of success and the pain of stumbles – all in captivating detail.

I want that passion, I want that knowledge, I want to be around makers.

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