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3 Questions 90% of Sales Job Candidates Fail
I have started my career in sales as a talent agent. Selling to college market, which is more brutal than selling enterprise SaaS, gave me an immense appreciation for the job of being the sales rep. I also had the pleasure working with some founders early on, who had the same appreciation for art and science of the sale and invested in training/professional development. I have done Sandler, Challenger, etc. Jeff Hoffman's (SalesMBA) one is my favorite by far. A lot of reputable SaaS companies, at least in Boston, run their own "flavor" of Jeff's methodology. Maybe because he teaches how to think and not what to think. It is a lot more empathetic style of selling. So it is no surprise when[more]
7 Rules for How to Sell to “Darth Vader”
We all know there are a lot of bad sales people, just like there are a bunch of lousy artists. I therefore have a great appreciation for excellent sales professionals. Plus, being an operations executive is truly a sales job, and I have to get a buy-in on any larger initiative. I also have been in sales myself, built many systems to make "sales hunting" easier, and recruited my share of sales people. So where does Darth Vader come in? Blame it on one of the Boston's best sales masters - Matthew Bellows, founder of Yesware, which is a really useful e-mail tool for sales. I recently went to see one of Matthew’s stellar presentations. Unfortunately, the video isn’t available online yet,[more]
What Your Team Needs to Sell Better – Sales Operations Tools
So, you got your compensation structure right and have hired a couple of good sales people (and maybe my July article even helped you do it). Congratulations! Now I truly hope you have organized a sales operations infrastructure and have metrics in place, so you can keep your sales people out of BS and help them move their leads through the funnel. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, we hire sales people before thinking about how to best support them. We expect them to "make it rain" on their first day, but since we have enough other problems on our minds, we only start worrying once the sales team starts causing revolts. It seems like sales operations has always needed at least[more]
6 Lessons Learned – Hiring the Right Inside Sales People for Your Young Company
If you are one of my regular readers, you may have seen my other recruiting articles: "How To Hire Top Talent Without Paying Recruiters", "Stars vs. Constellations – 3 Steps to Building Solid High-performing Teams", and lastly, "Beware of “Normal” People in Startups and High-growth Companies". Today I’d like to share what I’ve learned while recently recruiting another "iteration" of our sales team. Very few people can claim to be a sales hiring superstar, myself included, but I've brought in quite a few "rainmakers" and have some very pleasant and painful lessons I learned that I'd love to share. I am going to focus on inside sales people, since these are the folks I am most used[more]
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