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Poor Managers Kill Companies – 5 Ways to Improve Your Management Style and Skills
I’ve spent the last several months preparing for the birth of my first child and thinking very hard about the value of my every waking minute. If I am going to spend time away from my child, my work better be making one hell of an impact. So, I have been digging deep and thinking about what I have learned throughout my career and what I want to focus on and further improve. Managing and developing people is that highest ROI skill which you can always work to enhance. Why should you care? Well, unless you are running company of one (you), management skills and style are paramount with the consequences of hitting the viability of the company where it hurts the most - profitability. Endles[more]
The Most Powerful Tool for Improving Morale in a Rapid Pace Environment
Let’s face it, when our companies are searching for the perfect product/market fit or working to scale a repeatable business model, we have plenty of fires to extinguish and opportunities to chase. Closing that next deal, managing another huge money-making project, and releasing the features our customers have been knocking on our doors about can easily overshadow one crucial leadership duty we have - communication. You can overdo many things, but you can't overdo communication. Progress is the fuel that powers employee morale, and morale is like the air your team breathes. If you don't replenish it, things will go downhill and people will head for the door.  One way to improve morale i[more]
6 Lessons Learned – Hiring the Right Inside Sales People for Your Young Company
If you are one of my regular readers, you may have seen my other recruiting articles: "How To Hire Top Talent Without Paying Recruiters", "Stars vs. Constellations – 3 Steps to Building Solid High-performing Teams", and lastly, "Beware of “Normal” People in Startups and High-growth Companies". Today I’d like to share what I’ve learned while recently recruiting another "iteration" of our sales team. Very few people can claim to be a sales hiring superstar, myself included, but I've brought in quite a few "rainmakers" and have some very pleasant and painful lessons I learned that I'd love to share. I am going to focus on inside sales people, since these are the folks I am most used[more]
How To Hire Top Talent Without Paying Recruiters
As a Chief Business Hacker, one of the top things I love to do is recruit talent. The exhilaration I get from finding a team member who is going to help elevate everyone is like winning a race. Recruiting is hard; it is very hard. In my experience, recruiting the right team with culture and longevity in mind is even harder than finding a product-market fit. But I do have a confession. I used to HATE recruiting. I thought it was a massively mind numbing process more fit for paper-pushers. I used to dread sifting through piles of resumes filled with endless clichés and small (or at times, large) lies. However, the process I just described is old-school recruiting; the kind of garbage still[more]
3 Startup Offers You Shouldn’t Accept – How Compensation Shortcuts Hurt You
I love these hot and tumultuous times for emerging companies. Contrary to what some politicians and the media would love to have you believe, with every iteration the whole ecosystem is getting stronger, better, and more agile. But as more companies start up (or expand), there is a desperate rush to snap up the talented individuals needed to grow these businesses. This haste often leads to poor decisions and/or shortcut-taking, which results in compensation packages/offers that are one-sided, unfair, and detrimental to both sides. In this article I want to take care of my readers who are looking to move to another startup or join their first emerging company. Here are the three top startu[more]
Building Compensation Package: Startup Equity Compensation Framework 2.0
Let me start by saying that building a total compensation package is HARD! This is an extremely important component of business planning, but many executives end up “winging” it. Instead of taking time to do the math and some modeling, we just slap something together and pray our compensation structure won’t crumble. For me personally, building an appropriate compensation package is a very hot subject, because I believe operations executives have tremendous impact potential by harnessing the power of well motivated and managed teams. Companies that take care of their employees rarely have challenges finding talent for their “constellations of stars” (see my article “Stars vs. [more]
Stars vs. Constellations – 3 Steps to Building Solid High-performing Teams
Anyone who has spent considerable time in early stage startups and fast growing scalable businesses will tell you that sustainable growth companies are built by teams of shining constellations rather than just several bright stars. A team of people that is able to feed off each other and grow together will beat any company comprised of individual stars (otherwise known as A players, rockstars, ninjas, etc). All the stars in your constellation should have an unquestionable drive to serve their team first and have the confidence that others are doing the same for them. It all starts with recruiting. Many successes and disasters start with recruiting. Recruiting is the most important job for[more]
Beware of “Normal” People in Startups and High-growth Companies
I needed a little hiatus from my blog, but lately too many people have been asking when the heck I am going to get back to it. Point taken – time to reorganize my priority list. Since I usually recruit talent for my teams, I often hear from acquaintances how they know someone “just so perfect, so well-rounded, so capable, so lacking of faults” that would be perfect for our startup world. These fantasy referrals often come from 1.) those who either worked for many big companies and are now “expats” from that world or 2.) from startuper/SMBers in denial about what it takes to survive in our world. So, let me share with you the core things I have learned during 14 years in startups[more]
How To Use Video To Attract New Talent To Your Company
I’ve been working in startups and very rapidly growing companies my entire career and the most successful companies I’ve seen were the ones that were always recruiting. Here are several ways to spread the word about your company and help candidates get a taste of what your team is all about: If you open or any other employer review site, you will notice a common theme in the positive reviews – people like to have fun with their co-workers outside of the office. What would I suggest? If your budget is tight, get a Flip cam (the latest generation Android, Blackberry, or iPhone would also work well) and start documenting the fun.  Then edit it yourself, or if you want[more]
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