New Father, New Team, New Opportunities – Boston, Watch Out!

Greta SinkeviciusNew Father, New Team, New Opportunities – Boston, Watch Out!The past few months have been the most eventful ones in my adult life. Most importantly, I became a father! I have been in startups my entire career, but this new “startup,” my beautiful daughter Greta, has tested my planning, troubleshooting, and iterating abilities while providing me with an incredible amount of “fire”, clarity, focus, and zen-like calm. So, it is probably not surprising that this huge event has also served as a strong catalyst for several other changes.  I took two months off to be new dad and supportive partner (a luxury in the US) and also decided to leave Pixability for the next venture to scale.

My exciting news is that I am joining the One Mighty Roar digital experience agency as a Managing Director and COO. Their team of truly gifted people, stunning list of household name clients, and top secret stuff I can’t talk about just yet is an absolutely irresistible combination to someone who lives and breathes scaling companies! Zach, Sam, and Brian have built the foundation of a pillar Boston company, and I look forward to not only continuing making a name for ourselves here but also opening offices in other US and international locations.

P.S. Becoming a parent, especially in a marriage of equals, is something many people building companies haven’t experienced and therefore don’t truly understand. I will never look at parental leave the same ever again and, I believe having this experience makes me for a more compassionate executive. And yes, the 2 week leave most companies give fathers is cruel and unusual punishment – a separate article on this is coming.

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