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I have and continue to accumulate many lessons learned while building SaaS, technology, entertainment, and professional services companies. And since knowledge not shared is wasted, this blog is the medium for me to share the best practices, learnings, and advice.
Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius

Being a CEO Is a Brutal and Lonely Job, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Who loses sleep and years of life if a company can't get traction, hit the sales numbers, find enough financing, or retain its high-performers? Who has to be the chief recruiter, fundraiser, strategist and often makes the most expensive mistakes? Who has to listen to...

Scalable SaaS Best Practices: The Legal Agreements Discipline

SaaS is a beautiful business model. Over the last fifteen years, I got to build four companies in the B2B SaaS space. I love the efficiency of the model! Frankly, building companies would be so much more expensive without the cost efficiencies SaaS products bring. ...

How a Foosball Table Can Kill Your Startup

Back when I was working in Chicago at a scale-up company, I used to have great conversations with the president of the company about our various approaches to managing businesses. We shared war stories, ramblings about taxation in the US and EU, and the software...

Poor Managers Kill Companies – 5 Ways to Improve Your Management Style and Skills

I have been digging deep and thinking about what I have learned throughout my career and what I want to focus on and further improve. Managing and developing people is the highest ROI skill that you can always work to enhance. Why should you care? Well, unless you are...

Operations Leadership

The Hardest Skill To Master – Empathy

The Hardest Skill To Master – Empathy

Any growing venture is hard. It does not have to be a startup, it could be a lifestyle or a mid-size business. The faster the growth, the more extreme are the swings and tensions. It is way too easy to lose sight of what matters, end up with agenda, and kill your...

Lessons Learned

Talent Management

Better Solution to Outdated One-Time Employee Referral Bonuses

Better Solution to Outdated One-Time Employee Referral Bonuses

One-time employee referral bonuses need to go the way of the dodo. They are an antiquated reward system that motivates the wrong things. Before I suggest a solution, let me tell you why one-time referral bonuses are a waste of money: One-time large rewards do not...

Talent Arbitrage – How I Find the Best People

Talent Arbitrage – How I Find the Best People

15 years ago, when I left the entertainment for the tech industry, how useful my talent experience would be. Yet, I use that knowledge every day, and I am thankful to my mentors. It has become my "secret sauce" that helped build talented, effective, and loyal teams....

Startup Finance & Legal

How To Create a Non-Disclosure Agreement People Can Understand

How To Create a Non-Disclosure Agreement People Can Understand

Like many of you in the startup world, I have read and signed my share of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). I have reviewed, edited, and sent hundreds of them in my career, but I am yet to come across one that really serves anyone but the lawyers who charged dearly to...

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