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Beware of Lemmings – Inside Enemies of Your Emerging Company

I originally wrote this post in October of 2008 after spending bit of time in probably most costly entrepreneurial ventures I have invested in. Even after 3 years this post still rings true to me, so I am updating it a bit and re-posting it. I was reading “Failure as an event” post on Seth… Continue Reading

Defining the Difference Between (Business) Operations and Technology Operations

NOTE: please see an updated article “What do operations people do” outlining differences between business, technology, people, sales, and marketing operations. I feel like I correct perceptions about what operations professionals are and are not at least 2-3 times per week. Most folks, especially from organizations in technology-heavy industries, automatically assume “operations” is purely systems… Continue Reading

Business Lessons from Auto Racing?

Ever since childhood I have been an avid “car guy”. Back in 2007 I started competing in autocross (included a video below of what it is like). I never thought I would be learning business and leadership lessons while burning some rubber. When I started in Chicago, I did very well for a novice. But once… Continue Reading

Career Mission and Value

About a year ago I was readin Jeremiah Owyang’s excellent article  “What’s Your Career Mission?” . It inspired me to write down my Career Mission and the Value I bring to the table. My career mission is to use my business operations, talent management, and technology background to build and maintain the backbones of sustainable growth… Continue Reading

12 Rules of Business I Learned from My Father

It has been almost a decade since I lost my father to cancer, but the lessons I learned watching him run large companies, creating new businesses, and turning around languishing businesses are still fresh in my mind. I credit him for my business ethics, “workaholism”, leadership style, and pragmatic yet optimistic outlook. He was a… Continue Reading

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