Apolinaras SinkeviciusHi, my name is Apolinaras Sinkevicius, but most call me “Apollo”. Some may find my name challenging to pronounce, I don’t blame you. But if you do put in the effort, I consider that a great sign of respect. So to help you, here is the best way to say it: Apolin-AA-RR-as Sink-EE-v-i-CH-OO-s.

I live in the Boston, MA area and I am absolutely blessed to be married to Kerstin, who is a gifted scientist with IQ far beyond mine and long list of published research (yes, I married up). I also call her my business partner and investor, because I love the input she has when I need to solve extremely difficult challenges. She supports me in every venture and puts up with grueling schedule of a startup operations executive, but also calls me on my BS every time she smells it. She balances me out, reminds me what really matters, and always keeps me on my toes. And not to be forgotten, she is also my proofreader and toughest critic when it comes to articles in this blog.
I am also a father of Greta, who keeps me sane and inspired. Somewhere deep inside of my mind I knew all those years and my endless efforts to get more women into entrepreneurship, technology, and sciences might be useful some day. I hope I get to improve the world for her as much as my parents did for me.


I am a co-founder and COO of venture and strategic investor funded startup Robin. I am also a partner in One Mighty Roar – Idigital and experiential product development company we are currently keeping on hold while Robin takes every minute of our time.

I have been in rapidly growing startups trying to out-execute competition for 18 years. 7 CEOs and/or 12 founders, in 10 technology (SaaS and Enterprise Software), talent management, and professional services companies brought me on as a co-founder, leader, mentor, and executive to:

  • solve toughest resource problems and hack through emerging business operations impediments

  • help build loyal teams of extremely smart and diverse people

  • deploy and continuously improve sales, marketing automation, customer support, and other operational systems

  • nurture culture of accountability and meritocracy

Instead of listing out all my wins, I figured I would give you a little taste with the inforgraphic below. If you’d like more details about my past ventures, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

 Fun stuff:

I am an avid car enthusiast and also have mastered many areas of house remodeling. Currently, I have put competing in auto racing on pause, since time is not something I have much of, but I will be back at some point. Previously I have competed in events run by PCA, SCCA, BMWCCA, and other car clubs (Strict Stock 8 and Super Stock class, for those of you who know what it is). In the last two years, I have turned my energy usage disaster of a house into energy efficient one that has utility bills lower than some 2-bedroom apartments.



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