Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius

20+ years in startups and high-growth ventures. Operations and finance geek.
Lithuanian transplant in Boston.

Apolinaras Sinkevicius

My Story

My name is Apolinaras Sinkevicius. I realize those Rs are hard to roll for many, so most call me by the nickname I got way back in college – Apollo. It just happens that is what my 1st name means.

Building and scaling operations, finance, and talent management are my craft, my passion, and something I immensely enjoy. I also tend to be on the more technical side than most of my peers since tech has been my geek since 10. Who knew that producing charts for my mom on 286 using Harvard Graphics would shape my career so much. Green phosphor CRT has a special place in my heart.

I helped build 7 great companies in the technology, professional services, and entertainment industries. I attribute those wins to:
1. Technology (often in the early stages of development) as my “exoskeleton,” helping me achieve what I needed faster, more efficiently, and within what we could afford.
2. Grit and resourcefulness ingrained in me from the traumatic years of growing up under the boot of the Soviet occupation.
3. And then all those lessons learned as a talent agent in the entertainment industry discovering, appreciating, and growing talented people.

I don’t remember ever having a single dull day in my career. Financial models, budgets, handling fundraising and due-diligence, creating contracts/legal infrastructure, on the front lines of strategic negotiations, building teams, deploying and managing e-commerce, CRM, sales management, payment processing, analytics/KPI, internal IT, and other systems – that is my operator and builder “happy space.”

I have been co-founder, early employee, and one shepherding the company through multiple-X growth. I have taken companies from zero to B rounds, raised $30MM+ of capital.

If you would like to see a bit more detail about what I built, please see my LinkedIn profile.

I use this blog to share easily digestible lessons learned and leave breadcrumbs for myself to see how my thinking has evolved over the years. Some posts I write and leave alone for posterity, and some update as I learn something new. If you would like to contact me, please use the form below or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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