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If I Had To Pick Top Thing I Look For In People I Hire

ancient craftsmenI think a lot about hiring the right people. It is almost to the level of obsession for me to understand how each colleague I hired has become the craftsmen they are.

As technology, tools, and knowledge are becoming highly available, age isn’t much of a factor anymore. Some of us are lucky to have parents, who exposed us, to what we ended up falling in love with as our craft while others stumbled into theirs later in life. I am the one who stumbled into business operations in my early 20s, but I have colleagues who discovered themselves in their early teens.

When you meet someone, who to their essence, is in the right craft, conversations you get are very different. Where they learned, where they worked before are just not a factor.

If you built it, you would talk about it. It does not matter, if you are talking to a craftsman, who is introvert or extrovert, this person just talks about how they built something their passionate about. The level of detail they can get into, the thinking process, the joys of success and the pain of stumbles – all in captivating detail.

I want that passion, I want that knowledge, I want to be around makers.

Your Past Restaurant Job May Be Worth More Than Education

Ever since I was a talent agent in the entertainment industry, I have been developing and continuously improving my patterns for detecting gifted people who are more talented than they know. One of my mentors used to say: “catch them before they have a chance to destroy themselves with swollen egos and visions of grander”.… Continue Reading

Better Solution to Outdated One Time Employee Referral Bonuses

One time employee referral bonuses need to go the way of the dodo. They are an antiquated reward system that motivates the wrong things. Yes, some of the most well known companies use them, but these companies end up hurting both themselves and also the business community. Even the biggest morons can waste investor/company money,… Continue Reading

What Do Operations People Do?

Your operations people are the reason customers are happy, vendors continue providing you with services, and employees have enough resources. Operations team is the “A-team” of vision logistics and their #1 mission is to take care of the organization (feed it, protect it, and maintain it). Not all small companies and startups have operations teams,… Continue Reading

12 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mistakes Managing Employees

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Stop Wasting Resources on Improving Weaknesses!

So here is my question for the many organizations that have an unhealthy fascination with improving the weaknesses of their talent: How was Michael Jordan in baseball?.. Exactly! I started my career as a talent agent. Yes, a talent agent in the entertainment industry. I even went to the top school in the field, Columbia College… Continue Reading

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