What is a Business Hacker?

Hi, my name is Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius, and I am the Chief Business Hacker.

A Business Hacker’s chief mission is to turn growth into sustainably scalable growth. Rapidly growing companies are always starved for great talent, resources and are only starting to develop the “protective shell” that would allow them to bust through barriers unscathed. Therefore, a Business Hacker must possess talent and love for constantly finding unconventional and creative ways to make things happen.

A Business Hacker is a hybrid of  Roy Disney (make the vision happen) and Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction (solve problems).

Business Hackers build and optimize:

  • The team – forget the usual talent recognition patterns and “fishing holes” everyone uses! We work to calibrate the entire team on what pieces of the puzzle we are missing and what we will need in the future. Then we recruit, recruit, recruit… often looking for talent where only a few smart ones do. We also look for people with talents they don’t realize they have and mold them into highly-productive and loyal team members.
  • The environment – from the right office to the right tools, from the best support systems to the best processes that focus on the output and not bureaucracy, from the right metrics to the right rewards system – we always have our eye on what is the best for the company, the team, and our best customers.
  • The “protective shell” – without risk-taking and mistakes, progress is not possible. We create a safety net for our tight rope walkers, sniper coverage for our assault team and keep the bulls-eye of regulators and lawyers off the company’s back. Messes happen – we make them disappear.

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