Does Recruiting a Diverse Team Mean Discriminating Against the Majority?

Talk to me about building companies and you might as well block out half of the day! How about building teams that are like constellations of stars? Move over – I will show you! It is a subject I spend a lot of time on, since my own personal experience and countless research has shown that… Continue Reading

Beware of Lemmings – Inside Enemies of Your Emerging Company

I originally wrote this post in October of 2008 after spending bit of time in probably most costly entrepreneurial ventures I have invested in. Even after 3 years this post still rings true to me, so I am updating it a bit and re-posting it. I was reading “Failure as an event” post on Seth… Continue Reading

Building Compensation Package: Startup Equity Compensation Framework 2.0

Let me start by saying that building a total compensation package is HARD! This is an extremely important component of business planning, but many executives end up “winging” it. Instead of taking time to do the math and some modeling, we just slap something together and pray our compensation structure won’t crumble. For me personally,… Continue Reading

Stars vs. Constellations – 3 Steps to Building Solid High-performing Teams

Anyone who has spent considerable time in early stage startups and fast growing scalable businesses will tell you that sustainable growth companies are built by teams of shining constellations rather than just several bright stars. A team of people that is able to feed off each other and grow together will beat any company comprised… Continue Reading

Beware of “Normal” People in Startups and High-growth Companies

I needed a little hiatus from my blog, but lately too many people have been asking when the heck I am going to get back to it. Point taken – time to reorganize my priority list. Since I usually recruit talent for my teams, I often hear from acquaintances how they know someone “just so… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Turning Your Startup into a Dysfunctional Family

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist from Wall Street Journal. We had a great conversation about the current labor market, hiring challenges, and how to build the right company culture. He ended up taking the article in another direction, but now I’m happy to be able to finally share what… Continue Reading

3 Problems With the Way Startups Manage Talent

I am sure you folks have realized that I’ve been “off air” for awhile. The combination of helping out Daily Grommet and joining Pixability has shriveled my capacity for writing to zero. But, I am getting back on the horse and definitely have a lot of material from the “startup trenches” to share. So that… Continue Reading

Putting Together a Strong Technical Team

Introduction by Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius: this guest post by Paul Morgan might have the language directed at mid to larger size companies, but the vast majority of principles mentioned are highly applicable to the world of technology startups. Yes, according to my personal experience and widely available statistics, most of you will not make it… Continue Reading

Defining the Difference Between (Business) Operations and Technology Operations

NOTE: please see an updated article “What do operations people do” outlining differences between business, technology, people, sales, and marketing operations. I feel like I correct perceptions about what operations professionals are and are not at least 2-3 times per week. Most folks, especially from organizations in technology-heavy industries, automatically assume “operations” is purely systems… Continue Reading

7 Commandments for Women in Technology and Other Male-dominated Fields

I’m sure most of you have read my article “Time to end the frat house culture! We need more women in our midst.” I want to see more women in leadership roles and the ranks of techies, scientists, and entrepreneurs. This not only benefits society, but is also great for business (see my previous article… Continue Reading

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